Font Import for free and upgraded accounts

font imprt for free and upgraded accounts so users can use their custom font for the text in their games

You can already do this for free

im not talking about the built-in fonts in the editor, im talking about importing ttf files on your pcs

What do you mean by that I wok on a Mac so I’m not use to PCs so c you explain it more clearly to me like every detail

So you mean like download certain fonts like Pusab or Times New Roman and then import them to Flowlab?

yes, thats what i am talking about

import fonts in flowlabs version on MAC and Windows Monitors

So you are saying to be able to upload custom fonts like the font “Arial Black” for example, in you game like on labels and alerts.

thats what im saying

Ok that’s sounds neato borito

I like the idea @GBchangeling.