Forum Technicalities

So, as many of you know, Google is being sued because they took down multiple conservative posts and videos, including Fox News and the Shapiro Show. For thise of you that do not know, this is because Google is technically a Free Post, not and Editorial. However, since they have been filtering things that do notnhave to do with age appropriateness, they violate that.
Now, to the relevence. @grazer , I’m pretty sure, but is this an editorial? If so, could you please have the legal positions made clear here? We all need to be prepared, just in case.

Its a Forum, not a news/update system that everyone relies on.
Those are to show or inform specific public viewers for a source of entertainment/information.
Thus having the option to edit live/news information is against the media they were supporting.

A Forum (kinda like reddit in comparison) is a public source where creators and users can help/inform other users whether the information are facts or not. Thats the bargain of asking and getting information on a public source, such as this.

But also the point of a Forum is to help/inform to users, by users as public information.

@“JR 01” that doesnt answer my question, and I still would like @grazer to have the legalities if possible.