Free indie block glitch

@grazer i found a glitch where i can get all main indie blocks(except multiplayer and achievment) without having indie
please dont remove this glitch :cry:


I’m assuming you pasted the behaviors in. It’ll work while editing the game, but once you reload the page, it will be removed from the game.


He’s most likely going to remove it since it’s the reason there’s an indie subscription anyway. I understand finding loopholes around a premium fee for them may seem like a better alternative than simply paying for them, but taking advantage of something like that is kind of frowned upon.

I would turn a blind eye if it was some massive billion-dollar company that cheats people on prices daily, but since flowlab is basically ran by a single person who makes it a full-time job to monitor and give us updates on flowlab, it would be unfair to cheat them. Plus, grazer has to eat somehow.


He said he found a way to implement a shader behavior into a game and it doesn’t disappear after reloading the page.


yep i did i was trying to code my own behaver
with the code grazer used to make the import thing

i did some coding and found the must usefull glitch :blush:

but i will still buy indie due to the infinite objects and games

i will pay for this so i can help grazer get some thing to eat :blush:

Yeah, I agree. Although I don’t like paying for stuff, I know it needs to be done. This must be changed.


You should just regular indie unless you actually run a school



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