Free Music For You!

In need of some music for your games? I can make it for ya! Just put the type of song you want (ground theme, forest theme, battle theme, ETC.) and the name in the comments, and Ill make it for ya! And its free, too! (just credit me for my music of course) (:


do you know how in mario kart, there is a item called super star, in my game i wanted a sound loop like it for my item, frenzy.

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sure, I can do that, im in school currently, but ill do that after school!

okay (at least 20 characters)

forest+battle theme(must be 20 characters)

Can you make me a battle theme and a chill background space theme

Woah, this is pretty cool. I am not entirely sure how you are able to make music for my game, but I want like a sad-like background theme for a horror game. Specifically a containment facility based game. I want my music to be sorta slow. You didn’t mention anything about this type, but I figured that I would ask.

I think you have a list now, lol.

heres your star man esc theme, tell me what you think!

@Baconcat008 i like it but could you make it faster and it sounds kind of like dark, could you make it more exciting? Thanks!

here is your space backgrond theme:

Like this?

do you want 2 seperate? or a forest battle theme

it sounds good but i was talkign about the little buzzing noise

What little buzzing? do you want me to add buzzing? otherwise thats some sort of glitch on your side

one forest theme and a forest battle theme thx

kay (20 charecters) . .

You guys probably shouldn’t be expecting your music in just a few hours or anything cause I’m sure it’s going to take @Baconcat008 a little time to make the music. I can see someone getting upset on here cause they don’t get what they requested fast enough. Just would like to point that out there.


no, umm, could you make it as exciting as the star in mario kart, sorry for the inconvenience

Also I’m not accusing anyone by saying this, so I hope no one takes offense, lol.

Thank you, that helps