Free Racer Team, Update

Hello @AbstractGallery and @Pixel_Name1,

This is primarily an update on what we’ve done so far. I wasn’t able to work on this a couple of months ago because I was really busy with other things. But I was able to start working on it a couple of weeks ago.

So far what I have done is:

  1. Debugged the movement bundle from AbstractGallery and fix some of the movements of the car so that it no longer glitches back and forth, when you press forward and then backward.

It seems to be much smoother and the “glide” of the car seems okay.

  1. Added arrow key controls to the w/a/s/d controls. I also added (spacebar) as a brake that slows you down a bit faster than reversing.

One cool feature I would like to point out is that if you press w/s or the up/down key at the same time, it locks the car speed and puts it into “Cruise Control”. To break out of it you simply need to press the brake until the car comes to a complete stop.

  1. I have created an experimental car and level so that we can test out any new features that may affect the player controls.

  2. I also created a logo to go with our game. And it can be found in the game objects. So Abstract Gallery if you could please add that to our game preview, then that would be great. I also created a second version of the logo that’s similar. If you two want to see it I can add it to the game.

And lastly, one big thing we need to work on before we can start working on the game world and other objects is collisions and friction roads.

So please tell me if you have any ideas on them and any other cool things we should add.

Thank you,


And I almost forgot, we also need to add racing physics, opponent player physics, paths, and lastly cars (customization???) and the map (maybe do a community poll for the racing location?).