Free trial message popup

Hi, I have searched for info on this and have been unable to find any answer.

Why do some free accounts get frequent popup messages asking to sign up for the full education version and some do not?

I teach some digital media and a few of my students have shown interest in flowlab… unfortunately a few of them are stopped every several seconds with the popup (Don’t have a screenshot as I don’t have this issue). They have to wait a few seconds each time to close the box and resume flow-labbing.

Is there something I can do for those students outside having them delete their accounts and start again?

Thanks in advance!


I remember a user wanting to talk to grazer (the owner of Flowlab) about this. I’m pretty sure it’s only for the trial edition for education.


Hello Mr Lawson,

I apologize that the messaging around this is not more clear, but I’ll be improving and clarifying it in an upcoming update.

Essentially, the free version is fine for evaluation in schools, but it’s not intended for extended classroom use. Subscriptions from Indie and Teacher accounts are the only way I can afford to keep the site up and running.

The Teacher version is designed for use in classrooms, and is a much better fit. It provides:

  • Simple account management
  • Improved privacy (no PII is required or collected)
  • Heavily discounted account upgrades for all students

The server attempts to detect when it is being used in a classroom for an extended period, and displays the notifications you are seeing. This detection is not perfect, so some students may see more or fewer notifications depending on the account behavior, but creating more accounts is not guaranteed to make the notifications go away.


Excellent, thanks for clarifying that, grazer. I’m not in charge of our subject budget, but will bring it up with the subject area manager. Fully understand that you can’t do this stuff for free!


Tell your students to use their own emails and the notifications will go away, lots of kids in my class had that problem, my teacher found out that your school emails are detected and they aren’t apart of a school upgrade plan, I use my own email (back when I didn’t upgrade) and I never got one notification, Hope this helps