Free User Achievements Project - Version 2.5

Extending Version 2
Somehow, I managed to forget to add an update log for Version 2, so I’ll start doing that :slight_smile:

Achievements for Free Users

Achievements are an Indie-Only behavior, so I made a system that free users can use.
It can be a little complicated, and if needed, I will make a tutorial video and post it on youtube.
URL: Flowlab Game Creator - Indie to Free: Achievements

Update Log

Update Log
Version 2.5

Fixed Object Lag.
Fixed Text Lag (For the most part).
Optimized sounds and eases (Now using only 1 ease+1 sound behavior).

Version 2

Merged all of the objects into just 2 to help with setting it up, etc.
Updated the BG.
Added an Example Trigger that shows how to trigger achievements using the Achievement Bundle.


Feel free to post suggestions below. Keep in mind, the system is 100% customizable and can be completely re-designed if you know how to. But, if you don’t know how to, you may suggest features/changes to be made. I will make changes as I see fit.

Reviews & FAQ

Feel free the review the project below, as well as give feedback :slight_smile:
If you have any questions about the project, ask below.

You can contact me at rezarg#4125 on discord or through the official Flowlab Discord Server.
( Or just reply to this Topic )

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I would recommend just posting updates on the same topic instead of creating a new one.


Yeah, I’ll start doing that