Free User Achievements Project

Achievements for Free Users

Achievements are an Indie-Only behavior, so I made a system that free users can use.
It can be a little complicated, and if needed, I will make a tutorial video and post it on youtube.
URL: Flowlab Game Creator - Indie to Free: Achievements


Feel free to post suggestions below. Keep in mind, the system is 100% customizable and can be completely re-designed if you know how to. But, if you don’t know how to, you may suggest features/changes to be made. I will make changes as I see fit.


Feel free to post reviews below. Tell me what you like and what you don’t like. Reviews are pretty similar to suggestions, so I’ll leave that there.

Anything to ask me?

If you have any questions, ask below.


this really cool, great job!

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Great, it is really interesting.

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Thanks for sharing such in insighful details with the readers.

Please don’t revive dead topics. The user who made this topic has left the forums behind and is exclusively active on Discord.

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(breaking bad intro)

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There’s nothing bad with reviving old topics, is there? Especially if they thought it was interesting?


Also could you send like the behavior in code so i can copy it then import the behavior? Maybe?

Why can’t you copy the code directly from the game?


Forums change all the “” quotes to a different type unless you use the code format to type the code into the forums