Fullscreen bugs

If you go into fullscreen and there is gui near the screen, then this happens:
Screenshot 2020-07-20 at 7.59.45 PM
This isn’t that big of a deal for me, but things like platformers, sidescrollers and card games will habve a tremendous amount of work dealt out if you don’t fix this @“grazer”! thanks.

Yep, because thats how the “Zoom” mode works for full screen. Grazer does have ideas like an option to pin some of the GUI to the edges.

But there should be other modes to would help prevent this, like letterbox, expand, and Stretch.

@“JR 01” I know why I was just letting him know

He knows, it has already been discussed.

There’s also another bug that seems to happen most often during fullscreen. It seems to be a bug where the size of an object cannot be properly detected or altered, which causes the game to crash and stop functioning.
Not sure if anyone else discussed this, but in case nobody has, here you go.

@GalaxianGames what do you press to open up the log again? lol
Also, this doesn’t happen in my level Dragonflt, whic does do that.

@“meburningslime”, it’s Ctrl-Shift-I.
Or you can right-click outside the game and select “Inspect”