Fullscreen in Browser - Game Freezing

Since yesterday the game in the browser (not the exported version) now freezes when I click on fullscreen no matter how I am doing it (e.g. keyboard click etc).
It was working at least in the browser yesterday and now it is broken and stops me from being able to interact with my game after it is clicked.
Please help!

Hey, could you click on the fullscreen button, and then press F12 > open the console > screenshot, so we can see what is the crash?

Sure! PixelPizza I would be happy to!

@PixelPizza, I have attached a screenshot of the consoleas requested.

Hm, yes, thanks for the screenshot. I remember that I reported something similar to this (fullscreen crashes).

This crash: https://trello.com/c/JCcWBuwY/430-crash-on-behavior-cut
Seems like it’s somehow related, but it’s not being caused by the same thing, nor affecting the same logic.

Thanks for reporting, @grazer will eventually look at this.

this happens to me too. It usually unfreezes after the computer goes to power save mode.

It also fixes if you refresh the page, but if you click it again, it does it again.

A fix will be deployed soon

ok that’s good.

I’ve never encountered this problem, but I’m happy it is getting a fix anyhow

Thankyou to everyone who helped me out in this issue, as it seems the browser freezing has ceased and the game if fully fixed again!
Thankyou again for all the support!

-Austin :heart::+1::sunglasses: