Fullscreen is not working!

I keep trying but for some reason sometimes the fullscreen block glitches

is the fullscreen behavior set to letterbox, expandable, etc? or is it set to “none”? More details are required to actually know what is wrong with it

I’m going to guess you’re talking about your zombie game, in which case

You have “None” selected. You also have 2 objects with the full-screen behavior, 1 called “New Type 27”, and the other called “fullscreen”. I heavily recommend naming ALL your objects as you make them, you have several just called New Type, and given the sprites are blank it’s hard to know what each one does. Even if you say you’ll name them later on, it makes things so much faster to just name them beforehand. I also make sprites for all my objects, even the ones that are never shown, but it helps to be able to glance at it to know what it does and not have to click on it.

Thanks! I must have forgot to set it to letterbox. That solves some of my problems though. Sometimes the fullscreen doesn’t work at all. Is there something wrong, or is it just a glitch?


It probably doesn’t work because you have 2 full-screen objects, so if they both do toggle it just sets it to off (The first one turns it on, the second one turns it off)

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Ok, I’ll check that out! Thanks!

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