Is there any way to force fullscreen on your game so you can share a link to people that would expand to fill their browser? Here is a video where it’s shown in Chrome for a Flash-based game. I understand that FlowLab games are Flash on the web. But I can’t find a similar SWF file in the page code for my games.


Of course, if our game objects aren’t actually drawn in Flash, I assume the fullscreen would be a bit on the blurry side, depending on the game. Just wondering if this is possible. Is fullscreen possible with offline builds?

Also, are there any plans to allow increase in game screen area size? Or does this tax FlowLab too much?

Thanks again for any help!

Well, you can sort of do fullscreen. You can edit the screen size, or paste your game like so - http://www.flowlab.io/game/embed/#####
The ##### will be your game’s number.
I just noticed Diamondsion Assault doesn’t load. I wonder why… Hm.
Anyway, so Flowlab.io is pixel locked. You can use Ctrl + and - to zoom the page, but the pixels won’t change. Only the size of the Shockwave player changes. These games are not made in Adobe Flash swf format.

Thanks, I was afraid of that. Well, from my experience, people who would play games in a browser probably wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t full screen. I do love your embed idea. I would like to have a page on my own site that I could embed the game into. Hopefully I could create game-related art around the edges of the game area much like an arcade game cabinet*, and then drop the FlowLab player into the middle. Also, I’d like to be able to have some analytics regarding the page if possible.


If you wanted, you could make the game screen bigger, then put the arcade art on the top layer. Then the trees wouldn’t disappear anymore because there would be more screen, but they would go behind the art.

Also, what analytics are you asking for? As far as I know, Flowlab.io is coded in Objective-C, in a shockwave player, on a storage cloud based website, and can be exported into an Adobe executable file (with some corruptions), and an xcode project file, that can be configured into an iOS ipa file. Anything else about how the engine runs, you will have to ask grazer. I’ve never looked at the source, because I’m unfamiliar with the code language he chose.

That is a very good idea to solve the tree issue. Thanks!

I just meant simple page views, etc. Nothing too fancy.