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Good morning, Flowlab community!

A while ago, I created a poll on the Taile Gamougg: Emerald Warrior devlog (or some other topic). I can’t find the exact post, but people generally said that they’d prefer new ideas over more Gamougg spinoffs/remakes.

It’s no secret that I, John Shrekinson, loooove player customization. So that will be the focus of this game. If the name and emojis didn’t slightly clue you in (or even if they did and you just didn’t have your thought confirmed), this is a racing game. Spritestack, top-down, or sidescroller; I don’t know yet (maybe all three). I’m thinking that this will not just be cars; it could have motorcycles, planes, and ships (of sea & space) playable together in the same game. If it’s sidescroller I’m for sure gonna use Physics Joints for the wheels :100:.

The link will go down once I add more stuff but for now you can see the easing on the main menu. Click the logo to go fullscreen.

Fun fact:

The title emoji will change to a :checkered_flag: when this game is finished.

Do you want to be pinged for updates?

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You should fix that poll, there’s no option for ‘all’. @John_Shrekinson

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The size options represent the size of updates you want to pinged for.

Yeah, but what if some user wants to be pinged for all updates? At least make it multiple-choice.

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? I’m assuming if you pick small updates, you would want to be pinged for bigger ones? I guess thats all of them?


The intention was that users could choose to be pinged based on the size of the update. Bigger updates generally happen less often. The names are based on fast-food drinking cup sizes because I thought it would be funny but still understandable :smiley:.

edit: Hong Joon, I understood what you said in your post after I reread it about 39 minutes after you posted it, which was about 30 minutes after I made this post initially. You are right! :grinning:

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Object Name Prefixes and Their Meanings

This is mostly for me to remember, but it can also be for people to be inspired.


Main menu object in game layer. Menu objects are placed in the game layer so that the camera can move around the menu levels.


World menu object.


Customize menu object.

Medium Update

Good morning Flowlab! Today I started the actual gameplay testing :checkered_flag:. If you go into the editor, you can play the Testing Level and test out the car driving mechanics. I also added the first World button, started the World Selection menu, created two backgrounds, and finished the main menu. Don’t worry about the car body sprite for now, that’s just a placeholder :smile:. Also this game will use PICO 32 as a color palette.

Sprites in this update

Furious FlowGear testing screenshot
Furious FlowGear worlds bg upscaled

Pings: @hi4250five @JUSTPLAINOP

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This game is now on hold until further notice. This is due to the fact that I would much prefer to come back to this game after significantly improving my skills, and also because I believe a better game would result.

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