Future horror game maybe?

Hello! could you guys try my game called “Ominously Sweet” ?
the horror aspect isn’t implemented yet but I could really use some feedbacks!


This game is amazing but for now i say you should make it a little more easier to jump, other than that this game was fun even without the horror.

This is my Shadow Review

Art 8/10: Very nice and polish. Animations could be much smoother and have much more frames, but I believe that you will cover those later in the game since you are still working on it. Also love how you take lots of sprites and layer them to make them look nice.

Gameplay 7/10: very nice and smooth. Controls are simple and I love the fact you can click to interact with certain aspects of the game! However I don’t feel much horror aspect. (Then again, you said it was not implemented yet) I also love the transitions where the screen fades black and fades out. This makes it much smoother.

Amount of Lag; 1/10: (don’t be alarmed. The lower the number, the better it is) I tend for my devices to lag since i’m not a person that is rich or very fancy and high quality. However, even though it has lots of things, it still is very smooth. It lagged a little bit in the beginning, but that didn’t bother, since it only lasted 1 second.

Overall 8/10: Very, very, very nice concept of a game! Reminds me of games like Hallow Knight with the fact that you can interact with certain objects. This game has much potential, and if it keeps going this direction, may even become a feature! (as long as it isn’t FNAF 2 scary of very bloody.) I can see where this game goes and how it can be.

Yep, I agree with you both, this is a good game and may be a good concept for a horror game. A long as it is not too intense.

To anyone who was even remotely looking forward for this game,
It’s not happening.

Whenever I try to drag something, something happens that I don’t know how to explain.

Or when I try to move the messages around, they would be stuck or whenever whenever I refresh the page, it resets the messed up position of the texts.

this might be too late to say but, I’m sorry.

Sorry to hear, I was looking forward to this game.

We can try to help with the problems you’re having.
Has this started recently?

Aww, that’s a bummer. Don’t worry, you are not alone in these sorts of problems, but mine end up crashing the entire website and messing up sprite art. I made a separate discussion for that, but just saying so that you don’t feel alone.

I finally fixed the problem, now I can work on this game in my spare time!
[edit: I updated a bit, not a lot of changes though you can still view the game if you want.]

good job looking forward to it