Small update: capital cannon nerf

Many of you mentioned it, so I listened. the capital cannon now deals 50 damage instead of 70.

This change retains the cannon’s intended purpose as an anti-boss and weak-to-asteroids powerup, while making it more balanced and fair for bosses. With 20 more HP after being shot, bosses are given more chances to shoot at you.

In other news, the light at the end of the tunnel is visible, as the final boss continues work done on it and what comes afterwards. Stay tuned!

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I’m aware of this! Galacdrive’s bosses are already fast paced endeavors. If I buffed everything to account for the capital cannon, bosses would die in 2 seconds. Bullet sponge bosses suck, but that’s not galacdrive bosses at all. You can’t just always buff - sometimes things need nerfing


I agree with you fully, I posted that video just in case :slightly_smiling_face:


I can proudly say I got up to a thousand points my last game of these - but how in the world is the top score 10,000??? How?!


there’s a cheat key for final boss testing - back when the final boss had no attacks, my friend logan (one of the music artists), used the key and left his pc running lol. I use cheat keys so he can see the boss and cutscene for himself.


:christmas_tree: merry christmas from the GALACDRIVE team

A merry christmas, from the team to you!
GALACDRIVE started as a project to practice my gamedev in march this year. What followed has been an amazing journey and a chance to meet some amazing people. It also sparked an amazing hobby I love every second doing.

We have gotten so far along this journey because of your support. The internet’s feedback, love and advice are what keep the project chugging along. When this project is done, we hope to deliver one of flowlab.io’s highest quality mobile games since the site’s inception.

Due to some… recent findings, 2023 should be an even more interesting year for galacdrive and sup3r87 games. The next flowjam is rolling around very soon, but whether I make something for it depends on how much schoolwork my teachers throw at me :joy:. There have been recent “breakthroughs” in the art of sprite stacking, which I hope to dig into.

Anyway, one time for the people in the back: merry christmas from the GALACDRIVE team!
-Jackson, logan, wyatt, yatas


:warning: on mobile devices, powerups will not activate for some unknown reason

Because I am participating in the jam, I will not be fixing this bug until it is over. Thank you!


:bug:The jam is over, quick bugfixes and some short news!

Hey! The jam has concluded, and as expected, the powerup bug was a super easy fix. The system should work properly, please report it if it happens again.

Content wise, the credits and post-final boss are nearing competion. Implementation of it is actually a pretty simple endeavor, so it shouldn’t be too long until basically the entire game is done.

That being said, a lot of music still needs to be made for the game (and for the programming of the final boss attacks to happen) so it’ll be a while before GALACDRIVE is released to mobile devices. I’ll air updates as we go! thank you!!


Small sound update!

-audio is now preloaded as soon as the game starts, which doesn’t cure the audio problem, but helps fight it a bit.
-boss themes now play in the arena mode (countdown sound still W.I.P. though).
-new audio for the capital cannon, player’s blast to space when starting the game, and the pirate capital ship.
-pirate capital ship BUFF - the main weapon will now begin it’s firing sequence as soon as the boss spawns. The ship should feel less like cardboard now.
-post-final boss is done, with credits and escalating asteroid difficulty.

Because most of the stuff is done, I’m going to spend the weekend testing an early version of the game for apple (and possibly android) devices. see you soon!


New powerup: the mini cannon!

The early game can be a little boring. The ONLY offensive powerup that spawns is zerker missiles. How repetitive! How awful! How blasphemous!!

To fix this, a new weapon has been introduced to the earlygame: the mini cannon! Good riddance!


The mini cannon will spawn with the same chance as zerker missiles in the earlygame.

It shoots four strong bullets forward, each dealing 2 times the boss damage as the player’s laser. However these bullets dont track or follow unique paths, so you will need to aim with care!

The mini cannon is a more “anti-boss” weapon than the zerker missiles. Please let me know if the weapon needs balancing! Thank you for following the game’s development!!


you get the awardy award from me this awesome


i have no clue what this is but thank you lol


small galacdrive development update

-powerups now spawn in a more narrow space
-asteroids now instantly explode when a boss spawns
-MORE work on the final boss death animation
-some random bug fixes

on a sidenote, framework for a new project has been underway!


Hehe typo

Asteroids how


:star: Final boss now available for "testing"

Enough of the final boss stuff is done now that the game now no longer instakills you when the final boss spawns. All game functionality has been added for the fight and after you kill it. Just keep in mind that you won’t hear any themes at this time.

I tested it myself and the fight was rather challenging, so I’m not sure if I will actually sync the attacks to the theme or just have it as-is. we shall see!

Lmk what you think and share your high scores around!


Post-game segment nerfed, zotan theme and other important news

The post-final boss segment has been slightly nerfed, and should be easier to get through.

However, much more importantly, I’m working on the full launch trailer. Because most of the game is done, I’ve been spending some time on the task. This trailer will have far, far more effort than the previous trailer, and I plan on making it a spectacle!

Because I don’t (yet) have a macbook, I can’t test an iOS version of the game. It’s likely the game won’t have bugs though, as the current export doesn’t seem to have issues.

I still can’t pinpoint a release date, but I am hard at work on the trailer. I also plan on making a music video of all the soundtracks, so thats also something to look for!

One more thing - wyatt has finished the zotan theme! This means that the only of the nine main bosses that doesn’t have a theme yet is captain vorgar. Music and audio dept is closing in!

Thank you all for your patience!!

-the team


You’re welcome lol


:arrow_up: Game launch plan and differences between free and paid versions


As the team chugs away at promotion material, some last themes, and preparing for a launch on the app store and google play, I wanted to share the current launch plan.

This plan is subject to change, but likely won’t.

Differences between paid and web version

The paid version will include the entirety of the playable game. The web version will not include:
-6 of the 9 main bosses (still figuring out which ones)
-the final boss
-segment after the final boss
-arena mode
-rank system
The web version will essentially turn into a “lite” version of galacdrive.

Launch plan

Once the game is launched, the paid version will stay playable on the web for 7 days. after those seven days, the game will switch over to the non paid version, and the paid version will be privated for development purposes.

The game is planned to use the flowlab leaderboard and not the game center one, due to being launched on apple and google play. Because of this, the leaderboard will be reset on the paid version’s launch, and the web version, being a clone, will come with it’s own leaderboard.

Finally, the game will launch on the app store for $1.99.


Additionally, a dev update: I’m currently figuring out the best way to go about getting a mac to launch galacdrive on the app store (and test it). exciting times ahead! As for the trailer, still working on it!!

Thanks for reading!


hope you make tons of money, :+1:
But did you say the paid version wont include these?