👾 Galactica - Flowjam 2022

Hey everyone,
This is a game inspired by old arcade games like Galaga, R-Type and the Touhou Series. Galactica is a fun bullet hell game that goes easy on the hard bullet hell difficulty, so I hope everyone can enjoy. This is my first Solo Flowjam game, if you can’t tell from the limited color art. Baron’s been busy with school but I still wanted to try something. I’ll also be busy with school after the Flowjam is over, but I’m still going to testing around Flowlab. Also just want to mention I caught Covid, but I’m almost over it now so no need to worry.


Flowlab Game Creator - Galactica

The Galatic Federation have been advancing through the Lylat System.

As Galatica, the secret-ops space infiltration unit, you must infiltrate the espar system and take out the league of command. But first you must past the Imperial Guard to access the warp-gate.

Good luck pilot, this may be the last time we will be able to turn the tables for this war.


I really enjoy this game, but I have to ask… is it Galactica or Galatica?


I blame the Covid for any misspells :wink: (fixed)
(Update: wow that was spelled both ways all over the place)


Update 6/15/22:

  • Fixed a sound where spawned objects are not changing volume (reported bug)
  • Added Volume option in the pause menu
  • Added outlines around in game enemy types

Also I totally didn’t forget, the game is now on Newgrounds and Itch.