Game about the music industry

Hi there

I’m stuck a little bit with a few bugs in my game, can anyone help?

  • My enemies move too quickly… how to slow them down?
  • The main player does a double/triple huge jump if you press the up arrow twice, how do I stop this?
  • I can’t for the the life of me get it to move to the next level when he’s collected the 3 coins (guitars).



To get to the next level, first, your equation was wrong. a+1, when it should’ve been A+1 (I dont know if it matters, but it worked). Next, your filter said above 3, when you should’ve put it at equal 3. Last, You didnt have another level to go to, but the command still said to go to the next level.
If you get help me out with my problem, it would be great. The link to my thread is
If you can’t help, can you at least tell others about it? Because this is a school project with a due date.

I also forgot a few things. The go to next level has some properties. You can click which level itll go to, but default is “Pick Next Level” so that wont work. Click on it and scroll down to “Level 2 (Or the name of the second level)”. Also, the collision on object block was set to only 1 specific guitar. The object settign is fine, but where you have guitar, set it to Any Object.

Thanks for your help - will look into that when I get a moment!

I had a look at your game but then saw that you’d sorted it. I did play it though and I hope you don’t mind but since it’s for school - I saw a typo which is ‘dissmiss’ - should be spelled ‘dismiss’ (sorry - I’m a proofreader by profession!).

That looked complicated doing three players though - the programming is a bit beyond my brain right now! Nice one