Game broken now?

Literally all I did was add a sound component, but it wasn’t working, it was acting like I never added it in the first place.
So I get rid of the sound thing, and make everything back to the way it was before i added it. And now my enemies won’t die when I kill them… Why? Flowlab is starting to get frustrating… Is there something I’m looking over?

Maybe you accidentally cut a wire somewhere. I like to keep my wires straight and organized, because in the past I would accidentally cut important wires while scrolling and I’d have to search through the mess to find it.

yah good luck to you i like your game

Everything is fine as far as I see it, can you look over it for any odd or weird things that might be a mistake

Hey @apah - it looks like your enemy behavior has gotten messed up somehow. The expression to increment the enemy damage is never evaluated, as you can see in the screenshot below:

You can either fix that expression, or maybe just use a simpler number increment instead, like this:


I personally would recommend grazer’s option 2 with the (+)Number. Most users won’t need to get into expressions unless they need to do math. You can feed positive and negative numbers into the (+) for adding and subtracting. Expressions are mostly used for multiplication, division, algebra, and complicated formulas, along with several other expressions all connected together to make a logic computer.

If they die in 2 hits, the (+)Number to a filter is really all you need.

Ok thats it i quit lol

Thanks a lot I didn’t even realize that it got messed up, thats why i asked someone to look it over cause i was not seeing everything… Thanks a ton guys and sorry I keep spamming the forums I’m just a pleb ;-;