Game development idea

Hello there is anybody interested to help me develop a game for the blockchain industry i will back the project with my own capital but im looking for capable game developers to form a team.

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I’m not the right person to come to, cuz I just started, but u could ask “the gang”, I believe they have some very skilled game developers in there. But it would take lots of searching, cuz I still haven’t found them, check the otc and see if their there, if not then I hope u find some people interested in helping u.

No nfts please don’t bring that here

Whats is the definition of nfts


Non-fungible token. The concept is fine but the latest ones (Lazy Lions and bored monkeys) have been terrible.

I mean not really since it absolutely kills the environment and is a waste of time and money :upside_down_face:


aren’t nfts digital? But I do agree it’s a waste of time and money.

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I was being nice to the “crypto bros”.

what is blockchain industry?


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The Blockchain has unique ideas with very poor execution.
Its like a proof of ownership or proof a receipt that really means nothing and people are throwing money into it. It could be used to sell files (apps) but they just use it to store images with their names on them. And proof of ownership can be very vague too since you can create more wallets (accounts) which throws out the “proof” concept fad (easily compare it to a debit card) which means it gives possibilities to get stolen.

Another issue is the low effort to reduce energy as a storage facility, consuming as much power to “power the typical American home for six weeks” an hour which becomes a larger ewaste.

The concept is unique and has potential, but it has been executed very poorly.


a monumental moment in history, ladies and gentlemen: JR01 comments on something other than flowlab.

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It’s just my opinion on crypto and blockchain technology in general.
I don’t like giving my opinions on things, but tech is usually a topic I usually keep up with.