game icon

I downloaded my game for mobile and am hoping to finish it soon, so i made the game icon and put it on my game, but when i play my game on my kindle the game icon on the home screen is blurry. The picture is normally not blurry. i don’t know if its the game download that is doing this or if its the picture. p.s. some of the characters in my game get kinda of blurry on mobile.

link to picture

Thats a HUGE iP address

That image link doesn’t work for me, but try uploading a larger image - 1024x1024 is ideal for an icon.


I read on the amazon page that the size should be 512x512 but I don’t really know, the size is not the problem its the blurryness


@grazer, just an idea- can we draw the icon in-browser???

ztg - several icons have to be created for all of the various available Android screen resolutions. If the image you upload is smaller than the target icon size, it must get expanded to larger dimensions, which will make it blurry. If you start with a larger size image, the final icons will be sharper.

Exactly- when you draw a icon on paint or something like that, there will be pixels in the middle of the colors on the spectrum to make it smooth.

When you expand a photo like that, those pixels enlarge, ultimately making the pixels bigger