Game ideas (151515)

give me a game to clone and Ill try to clone it (no flowlab games)

huh? (2020220202020)

Give me a pc / console game thats 2d and ill try to turn it into a flowlab game

could i help you? im not gonna bother you alot tho promise.

sure that would be great ill need the help

rayman, cuphead (2020202202020)

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we will start with cup head and we will stick with the flowlab sprite editor just to add a bigger challenge

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broforce, sonic mania (2020220202020

there we go I just used the tales of the undead team

okay. :slight_smile: (2020220202020220)

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what about shovel knight, micro mages

so Tales of the Undead will be discontinued until further notice? ill be cool with hat.

@ShadowGaming would you rather do shovel knight

Super mario, pac man

yea we will put that on hold

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shovel knight cuphead super mario

i heard of it, but never saw it.

Its fun I think flowlab would run it better than cuphead

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  • cuphead
  • shovel knight
  • super mario

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we need one more vote to decide