Game Ideas Here!

Hello again! I’m Baconcat008. Are you looking for Game ideas, But you only have -2 braicells left so you Just cant think of any? well, Come here and find a world of possibillitys! Just follow the Guidelines and you should turn out fine!
If you have a game idea that you’d like to share, Follow these conditions in your text:
Guide Lines:
[Main Character] [Goal] [Theme/setting] [Objective before Goal] [Color Pallet]
These are som Ideas to help you get started on making an idea!
Red Plumber, Flag Pole, Overworld, Bright color pallet.
Dark Which, Collect Potions, Forest, Mix Potions.
UFO, Survive, Space, Collect X & Y Value Power ups to move in that direction.
Remember, Always credit the person who came up with the idea. and as always, This has been baconcat008, Ill cya next post (;

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Main Charecter - A potion seller
Goal - reach end of level
theme - a forest
color pallet -
the point of the game is that you can trow potions to edit blocks proties
red - makes the block kill enimies
blue makes the block boncy
green - alows you to run fast
white - no specieal properties
gray - wall slide
black non semi solid