Game jam on flow lab

Welcome to the Flow-Lab game jam!

The theme is Plat-former!

  1. make a player that is able to jump and move.
  2. make Enemy that either chases the player/go back and fourth bewteen objects.
  3. to submit your game, reply on this subject.
  4. after playing all the games ill tell how the winner is!
  5. have fun!
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I really like your map!
It has all the details from what I explained. But your not the winner.


your suppose to have a dead line

too many bugs

The dead line is on the 12th at 12:00

are we supposed to make a brand new game? the game bradens submitted isn’t new

you have to make a brand new game.
But ill let bradens slide for now

so you’re gonna let him have an unfair advantage

Uhh. fine… He has to make a new game

lol i sent it as a joke because i can’t actually make any games rn

also can you tell me all the bugs? i want to fix them all eventually so it would be helpful to have a list :slight_smile:


that literally means nothing

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what do you mean? I think the jumping works and sliding isn’t in the game. Details please?

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I slide a lot when im not suppose too
and when you jump in a direction you dont stop mid air you keep going which is extremely annoying

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