game lag

theres a couple of lvls in my game that lag , any way to make things run smoother and what could be the reason for lag ?

game link?

maybe u should just refresh the page?

@marcelinerules yes but that just resets the game which isnt wht i want , yk


which levels lag?

@USERNAME55 lvl 3 i think its because of all the animations idk

I’m not seeing any lag on “lvl 3”

oh let me see

I’m also not experiencing lag

@“JR 01” do u think its just my laptop ? after respawning it lags too for me , i have movies and alot of downloaded sounds

It’s most likely how much CPU and Memory you computer is using while playing the game.
Are you using Google Chrome?

Its awesome so far, when youre done with it you should put it on steam and try to get it featured on flowlab @probablydon

@grazer should add a chunk loading system in it would prevent lag a lot and it would be more smooth in the meantime try seeing what is lag

@“JR 01” yea im using chrome , its a small hp laptop

@praisetheyuppee thank you so much , your feedback is highly appreciated ! stay tuned for daily updates , i work on it almost everyday.

@GrimProductionZ yes that would be cool but like Jr said , its probs my laptops memory

@probablydon You can type “Task Manager” in the Windows 10 search bar and click “More details” to see what your CPU and (RAM) memory is using while you play.

This is the greatest game I’ve ever played on flowlab

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