Game not made by Flowlab

Scratch sucks compared to flowlab, it’s only mildly less complicated and it can’t do an eighth of what flowlab can


Also if this isn’t made in flowlab, why are you posting about it here?


Yes it can, you just don’t study it well.And scratch is free, flowlab costs money : V
Flowlab has alot of bug
-google translate

ok i will stop posting

Scratch doesn’t have a physics engine, it’s incredibly limited. And flowlab is free, you don’t need to pay. I’ve been using it since 2014 and I only started paying last year


who say it don’t have, is possible to make it (sorry bad English)

The flowlab blocks can be done in scratch so it’s limited

Cope harder, flowlab is better


FLOWLAB DOESN’T COST MONEY!!! ONLY FOR THE NON-FREE STUFF. Go ahead search up “algiophobia.” I dare you. Excellent game. Made with free version. You just don’t know enough coding to actually understand flowlab. If you actually gave it a chance, you would love it. Also, the blocks would be extremely hard to make in scratch. I’m a scratcher too, you see. But I have realized that flowlab is 1000 times better, because it gives you blocks which enable you to take your coding farther. You can’t build your game up from the ground every time. This is exactly what professional developers do. They use engines like Unity or C#, which build 3D games, which all include presets. Trying to develop a 3D game from the ground up would be nearly impossible, which is why you have to use preset programs. But I guess you guys will never listen…


If it’s not made by flowlab,don’t post about it here

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yeah that also clogs up forums.


ok i will stop lol :V

but hey why he uses a free account but he can make more than 3 games??

because he upgraeded last year i think.

so he not use free account

he used to, and thats the important thing. You try with free version, you like, then u either get ur school to make everyone edu accounts (harder way) or u pay 4 an indie and u use flowlab as much as u want!