Game progression halted

So my activity has kinda died down a bit since exams started up and since I’m o my two days away from my summer break, I might not be able to make games or be active very much.

Don’t worry, I’ll still use the forums every now and then and check stuff like normal, just all game projects have been stopped currently.
I have to work on some irl stuff and focus for my future.
So you might not see many games from me for a bit, but I’ll make sure to participate in the summer flowjam though, lol.


Alright, take as much time as you need, don’t rush on your exams and Good Luck!


Maniakkupanpukin o sanshō shite kudasai ( google translate)

But really, good luck to you.

And to say to those exams:

“If you know yourself, and you know the enemy, you need not fear the result of 100 battles”

Sun Tzu