Game screen is not right

OK, so I made this test game to show what the games I play on adding up to.

The white lines are not important but the black lines are how far I can see when i play

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Can you post a link of your game so we can take a look?

I didn’t check out the example you made but I might know what you’re talking about. My chromebook cuts off about a block on each side of the screen until I make the game fullscreen.

It only happens when I work on the chromebook too. Sometimes I use a desktop computor and it doesn’t cut anything out. Again, not sure if this is the same as your problem but just thought the input might help.

What do you use Flowlab on?

I’ve used it on Chromebook and it was perfectly fine like a year ago. But now it’s messed up. :sob:

Yeah it’s been happening to me too but heck if I know what’s going on. This one is definitely for @grazer

The best you can do is just use the fullscreen block

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Hey @Frost - can you post a screenshot of what the issue looks like? Also, can you verify that your browser zoom is set to “Actual Size” or “100%” ?

Here you go @grazer Screenshot 2020-12-26 at 8.30.32 AM

Hey @Frost - this is weird. If you wouldn’t mind, this might help track the issue down:

  1. Open the game using the debug version:

  2. Open the browser console (click F12 or Menu->More Tools->Developer Tools)

  3. Copy the section at the top that looks like this and paste in the replies (yours will have different numbers probably)

    Builder.hx:361: ========= RESIZE =========
    Builder.hx:366: window dims: 320,400
    Builder.hx:367: window scale: 2
    Builder.hx:368: stage dims: 640,800
    Builder.hx:369: stage scale: 1,1 / 2
    Builder.hx:370: fullscreen OK:true
    Builder.hx:374: resizeHandler:640,800
    Builder.hx:379: scale screen dimensions for pixel density:320/400
    Builder.hx:399: skip screen setup! world:null viewWidth:null
    Label.hx:129: Generate new TextFormat
    Style.hx:203: Using fontName:D-DIN
    Builder.hx:423: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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