Game size, different devices (embedded on website)

Hey peoples

Here’s a link to the map game I created:

The problem I’m having now is for kids who want to play it on devices such as phones or tablets. Instead of the game scaling down to the size of the browser screen, the game is cuts off and there is no way to scroll and see the rest of the game. Here’s an example:

So here’re my questions:

  1. Is there a way to simply scale down the game without using browser zoom controls? or make it automatically register the size of the screen? (a lot of the kids playing are using different browsers and devices and they are not in the same room as I am)

  2. If not, is there a way to create a camera that follows a click and drag motion on the background? (clicking anywhere in the map and dragging to see the rest of the map)

I realize I could make the map smaller and have a camera that follows an invisible sprite that is moved around the map using key strokes, but the problem is that if you’re using a phone or tablet you pretty much only have click and double click options.

Any suggestions are welcome, even if the solution you think of has nothing to do with how the game is displayed on the browser or dragging a camera.

There is a fullscreen button that has several options, one of them being fit to fill. This only works however, if you have indie edition or higher. I messed around with that for a while, here’s a game I made using this feature. Feel free to take a peek at the fullscreen buttons!

Yea, sorry I forgot to mention. I tried to use the fullscreen action but it only worked on desktop browsers not on phones or tablets.

I’ll look at your game tho. Maybe there is something I missed. Thanks

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The website isn’t fully set to device/mobile browser sets, the best way around this is to going into the browser settings on the phone (tap the ⋮ on top right of chrome) and click the “Desktop Site” option.

What you can also do is to download the game as an .apk (click export in “my games”) and run the file on a android device (and it will become an app).

@JR_01 this normally ends up with something like this

Or this.

Yes I know @meburningslime,
but thats how you would see the entire game on a phone (the second image you sent).

Option 2 would be best to see the game on a phone scale @FRDC .

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Or you could just do this…

I will auto-fit

I was thinking the full screen didn’t work because of what FRDC said.

But after some testing, full screen behavior does work on mobile BUT only after setting the mobile browser to Desktop Site.

So you can use the settings to set the browser to Desktop site, and then full screen will work on mobile devices @FRDC.

Ok, tried a few things.

@JR01 “Desktop Site” did work on my Android Phone (chrome), but didn’t in an iPhone (tried safari and chrome).

On my phone it looked like @meburningslime’s second example which is perfect, if it wasn’t for the iPhone not doing the same.

Full screen on the Android once “desktop site” was on did toggle but it zoomed into the screen making only about 20% of the Map visible.

@meburningslime what did you mean when you said “Or you could do this” cause that is definitely what I want :joy:

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how did I go this long without seeing the settings!

still had the same fullscreen issue but still lol

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