Game Vote (FINISHED)

@ManiacPumpkin I think he meant we by all the people who voted number 2, and he is one of them
Screenshot 2020-08-22 at 11.33.50 AM

Oh, oops. I didnt think about that, sorry.

Yeah i was talking about all the bois who voted for # 2

@ManiacPumpkin That’s ok.

Conspiracy theory:@GrimProductionZ is a communist

@Gamer20 :confused:
There are reasons to go with one, as I explained before. It will help with popularity, as well as extremely help via gameplay. However, if you think you are creative enough to make your own scps, popular enough to get them official, and diligent enough to make them fully fleshed out, then definitely try.

@Gamer20 stop being immature Im not a communist also how the heck do you even know what that means your like 6

Conspiracy theory: @Gamer20 is a fifty year old man spying on kids

This fifty year old man thinks Im stupid but Im not lol

@GrimProductionZ stop being toxic, this is what @Ramshacklegamestudios was talking about. It was kind of funny, just not in the right time. Especially with political uproar currently.

Oh come on bruh get a since of humor i thought it was funny i know my dog is a communist

I’m 8.Literally.