Gamepad support ideas

Just a thought to make @"Mhx Ar"s journey of Shifter possible, and maybe even make Starblast 3 (and eventually 2) have controller support.

Joystick- similar to the keyboard trigger, with imputing after clicking the button would set it to that specific joystick. It would have 2 inputs that fire simultaneously: direction and intensity. The direction input fires values from 0 to 259, depending on which way the joystick is tilted. The intensity fires from 1 to 100, 1 being barely pushed, and 100 being all the way.

Buttons- exactly the same as the keyboard trigger, but specifically for controller buttons. (Also for joysticks that can be pressed in)

Rumble- if the controller plugged in is capable of this, it will rumble/vibrate when imputed. Inputs from 1-100 will be the severity. Anything above 100 will register as 100.

In conclusion, all of these behaviors would make controllers 100% usable, as far as I know.

Grazer already mentioned he wanted to make some sort of joypad support, especially for PC versions. Not all controllers use the same mapping, so he might need a way to change buttons to other buttons first.