Games are disappearing

Hello, I’m a teacher with an Education account.

One of my students keeps having games he creates one day disappear somehow before the next day. He logs into FLowlab at the start of class and the previous day’s game is gone. I can’t see it in my teacher dashboard, either.
I gave him a new username and the one game he made did save… but saved super glitchy. Random blocks added when he didn’t add them.

No one else in the class is affected. We’re using Windows 10 with Google Chrome. Sent an email to Flowlab yesterday, but no response.

Any help is super appreciated. Thanks.

The “random blocks that keeps appearing” also appears in mine :confused:

Ill tag @grazer for you, hes the creator of FlowLab. If he doesnt respond, Id highly recommend emailing him via the contact link at the bottom of FlowLab.

@mskeith - please email me the username of this account to and I’ll investigate ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I responded to your initial email, maybe my response was filtered somehow?

Thanks for your help, everyone. @grazer: just sent you an email. Thanks.

@grazer I’m having the same issue with a few of my students accounts. They’ll be working on a game and suddenly parts of it have been deleted.

@rmhs2018 - can you provide a few more details? When you say “suddenly”, do you mean that portions of the game disappear while the student is editing it? Does reloading the page have any affect?

@grazer when the student goes to play the game, parts of what they did in editor disappear I’ve also had students lose parts of games they were working on the previous day when they log in the next day. Reloading hasn’t seemed to help. Haven’t had any issues today though.