Gaming website

Everyone check out my gaming website

hey :smiley: like how you made a website too here is mine
though I don’t have a premium account I try to add a verity of games made by me and my friends (zenninja and shard1)

Hey Super_Spring2688, how about you add my game to your website? Here is the link to it (if you don’t like it, please tell me) :

I usually make all the games on the website. But, my friends make the rest. I am now moving farther away from flowlab and starting to make a game from Java and I am amazed by the graphics in your game. Great job :smiley: and I will add the game if you would give me the Embedded code. Also I will give you COMPLETE credit :smiley:

Great! Thanks for the nice words. Here is the embedded code:
What kind of game are you making? If you need someone to do the art, I might try it if I have the time.

Well it is not flowlab it is like a game like Minecraft but a 2d but it is 4 direction gameplay. AND YES. It is not going to be super spring related :smiley: It is also going to be the first NON flowlab game. :smiley: Wish me luck. Also I am already working with someone and we are both in the same room so it makes it a LOT easier then a online conversation.

okay that’s cool, no problem

@Super_Spring2688 i saw on your website there was a game that wasnt made on flow lab what did you use to make it

Oh I didn’t make that I just copied it from study stack. (LEX?) That is for my friends and I to study Lexicology without having to search hard on studystack.