Gaps between sprites?

I’ve been using a bunch of tilemaps lately (Thanks to JR01’s easy bundle), and I’ve found that there’s sometimes a 1-pixel gap between the objects using the timemap:
It doesn’t happen always, just when the cam is at a certain position.
It’s a bit strange. I think it only happens with JR01’s new tilemap system.

Anyone else experienced this?



remove the black pixel, make it gray, sprites are usually connected to each other, so it wouldnt be a pixel wide or something

If the sprites take up the entire grid space, it’s likely another example of the issue Flowlab occasionally has. Grazer tried to fixed it two or three times already but it keeps popping up


Ok. It’s not very serious.

If you can post a link to the game, that might help (and an explanation of how to trigger the issue)


Sorry, it’s private.

I was using JR01’s 16-frame bundle from his game.