Getting a digit at a certain position out of a number string

I know I can use split to take a text string and get the letter at a certain position that way, as in:

position 2 = E

Is there a way to do the same with a number?
12345 = 1,2,3,4,5
position 2 = 2

(I tried using text strings for this, considered turning a number into text and then back into a number again, but that became wildly complex and I thought there must be some better way, like maybe a Haxe expression I haven’t been able to find?)

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you can set a text behaviour to the number

Number(out) → (set)Text

Then split that text just like you would for a word.
This method is pretty much just converting a number to a string; which allows you to split it.

You can use the “ToNumber” behavior to change the string back to a number

If you want to extract a letter in a word, you can split the text and put each letter into a list. Then you just use the one input on the list to get the letter you want.

For numbers, you can use the same string structure that I showed in the other post, but you use (A+"").charAt(1) to get the second position (0 is the first position).

But also you can do the same thing with the text method.


Thanks, it was the number string manipulations in particular that had me stuck!