Getting people in a mutiplayer game

It would be fun to be in a flowlab game with other creators just because i dont know. Someone said flowlab multiplayer wasn’t really active in some other post so i thought of it. Nobody probably wants to but if anyone does just reply.


You on right now?

I am now.

I hate that flowlab community does not work on mobile.

I didnt say anything before this.

How about now?

Ok what game? Do you have one?

Sorry I was doing a test. I’m on at about 3:00-5:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time). Yeah, I have some games:

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Is there some kind of knockoff halo in flowlab? If there is sure.

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OHH your halo sure. Also im AZ time and im on around 8-3 my time until grazer fixes the email problem.

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I didnt mean to call it knockoff. I meant remake. Knockoff just sounds rude and i am sorry.

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Heyo can u send a game @BluePopsicleMan?

Ok ill send the game that we were going to play. Idk what happened to shreckington Flowlab Game Creator - Halo Flowlab Evolved Multiplayer It is his game.

@BluePopsicleMan do you want to play?

Im on right now is that you?

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@BluePopsicleMan are you yellow? im pink btw

It might be different colors but im in the car. Lets PM for this so we dont annoy. Shreckington when you get on we will add you to PM.

I have it on my phone-

Yeah i know my account has a problem that grazer needs to fix. He is probably busy so im waiting.

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