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UPDATE: To make the game easier I implemented the MLG system, (which is really just a number). It counts up and gives the player new abilities once it reaches a certain number. The player will die if it goes below 0. . The game is a little hard sometimes, but it’s possible.

Some issues I’m having are:

  1. The run and jump bundle doesn’t jump all the time.
    2. How to make text float around your character check
  2. How to make an inventory
  3. How to make a menu
  4. Music. I made some songs out of sound effects… it sounds weird but it’ll do for now. xD
  5. How to make save points

But over all I think the game is pretty solid.


You can climb by pressing either the left or right arrows while holding up, you can stop by letting go of up and holding down either left or right. At this point you’d be stuck onto the wall you were climbing, let go of left or right to fall, or let go of all keys then quickly repress to continue climbing.


You can touch only the bottom and top of them. Some puzzles will require you to do so. There’s another breed of enemy that you can’t touch at all, but you’ll know when you see it.


If you can’t jump walk left or right. If you can’t move then click the game screen.


If you collide with a candle you can shoot a projectile using space that destroys the enemy. One projectile only. You have to revisit the candle for another shot.

Extremely hard. Ill give ya that

@jngthree I just added a mice repellent function, maybe that’ll make it easier

Slow the player down a bit and make some platforms

@jngthree platforms?

p.s. ya need that speed to make some of the jumps