So in my game when you kill an enemy it emits a smaller enemy, the enemy thats emitted works the first 2 times but after 3 or more are emitted, the scripts just dead. its… brain dead

@“JR 01” could you possibly help, (Again)

Could you explain by what you mean by “Brain dead”?
Also could you leave a link to the game so I can inspect it.

So when the 3rd entity of its kind is emited the dont walk, or move or animations. there BRAIN DEAD

the scripts dont work! LINK


@Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev I think this should fix it. I couldn’t test for 100% certainty, but I believe the problem was your reliance on toggle switches which could get out of order if an action was done in a certain way (I’m not sure what that action is; the bug is common, but seemingly unreliable) The bundle “Home in On Player” is just your extractor code and expressions, but I bundled them to make the entire code fit in one image. I labeled the animations with priority so that way the “Danger Nearby” animation would loop seamlessly and not be cut off by the walking animation. Make sure the “danger nearby” animation has “stay on last frame” ticked and the walking animation has “loop” ticked. I hope this fixes your problem! Also, sorry for undoing a lot of your code I tried to keep what I could intact, but I couldn’t seem to remove the bug without almost entirely starting over. Good luck on the future of this game it looks like it has great potential so far!

undo all you want with that enemy! its fine with me. :slight_smile:

ok so @BitWit its not the script its something to do with the emitter

@Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev Oh, so you were able to fix it by messing with the emitter or you just believe the problem stemmed with the emitter? If you did fix it then that’s good to hear!

Did you already delete the emitters? Its possible its a bug but I didn’t see the set up.

No, I didn’t change anything about the emitters except making it spawn every time so I could test it easier. I don’t think it was needed because just what I changed for the headcrabs seemed to fix it

I think I was asking @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev
He said “its something to do with the emitter” but I didnt see any emitters in the game.

@“JR 01” i deleted the emmiters because they were broken, i could put it back.

I just wanted to see how it was set up and see exactly when it breaks, also I may be able to show a work around with spawners instead.

welll illl re set it up

@“JR 01” its been re setup and still broken.

I’m never experienced the “brain dead” enemies you were describing every emitted enemy worked.

Though some animations still work after the crabhead dies. I advise putting a switch on the start of every animations, then turn off all the switches when the crabhead dies. Make sure the only ‘start’ input for the animations are from the switch.

Its possible that they were “brain dead” from killing them off screen. Though here what the spawner would look like if you use it instead.