Go slower when hit by something

I want to be hit by a net and slow down for a couple seconds, any ideas?

do a swich when hit to make you slower and jump lower

level 4.
can you please make it so when you hit the net you get slower?
can you also make it so that the helicopter has a better targeting system?
I would appreciate this.

No offense, but this is YOUR game. You can’t ask people to do everything for you. People reply with suggestions, you will learn better if you make the code yourself, and learn from YOUR mistakes.

I know and if you look at my code i did most of it. I appreciate your concerns but could you please help me? unless you wanted to sit down with me at some point and teach me some advanced stuff. althogh for now could you please help me please?

seriously though if you would like to teach me some cool stuff that would be great!!! :wink:

also i have been working on this problem for like, two weeks and i could really use some help.

I can redirect you to a few examples:

You can modify this example to slow you down instead of speeding you up, and instead of being a powerup that triggers it, it can be the net

As for your helicopter targeting, I can’t look through your code right now, but try looking for some examples that could help at this link: Flowlab Game Creator - Flowlab Game Examples

ok thanks i appreciate it! i got to go now bye!!!

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