Going offline for a while

Sorry guys, I’m going to have to stop using flowlab and all social media for a while, like I said, some things happen sometimes

I will not be able to: edit my games, help people on flowlab- or anything online, I will not be active on steam (yes, I do have an account)

After a bit I will start my dedicated YouTube channel AND release some apps to the store as well as a 3D horror game with my friend who just so happens to LOVE horror (thanks to @grazer for helping me when I needed it)

I hope everyone is still here when I come back.

For those wanting to play my games on my website while I’m gone: jngthree.wix.com/jnggames

u going to jail fam???

Hey jngthree,

Best of luck, see you whenever you get back :slight_smile:

And no I’m not getting a criminal record @ztg5

This might be the last comment