This web is great!!! I love using it as well. But I have a few stuff to say and/or ask. First of all, how do I make a multiplayer game? Second of all, how do I put a chat feature in my games? How do I put the player names on top of players and the name be their username on Flowlab? How can I make portals to where when the player touches it, they teleport to the location in the level where the portal is set to take them, and the spot still be in the same level? Someone, ANYONE who knows how to do these, please let me know how to.

Hello, I am a long time user. I think I can answer these questions.
1: For a multiplayer game, you need to set the item’s multiplayer status to Player Object, which will clone it every time a player joins. You then need to make separate health systems, ect. and turn on multiplayer. Finally, you must chooose the number of players you want to be the limit in Game Settings.
2: Sadly, there is no way you can use chat in-game. However, you can message the players on the forum and add in emotes to your game by making a specific action emit a disabled block.
3: Usernames are REALLY hard. No one has ever done it before. However, you can try by having a number tick up for every player joining, and at the beginning of the game, the player tests the number of local players and sets that as it’s user ID.
4: Use position blocks to teleport items and players. Make sure you see the difference between Pixel and Grid! Input the numbers for x/y to tell it where to teleport.


The Multiplayer blocks are still new, but were starting to iron them out now.

  • Online multiplayer behaviors, I think, are still only for paid membership.

  • A multiplayer behavior guide is now available:

  • A chat is possible but would be difficult, its probably best to try to make an emote system.

  • I have an example already for Nametags in Flowlab:

  • Just use a position behavior in the player to teleport them in that level.

Wow! Thanks guys!

No problem, if you have any more questions feel free to ask! :slight_smile:


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