Goodbye, Stay Noobin'!

Im typing this on my phone as I speak, but my PC broke and I dont think its getting it fixed in a while and I havent been on flowlab in general for a long time. I havent been on the discord or forums so this is the first time in months I’m pretty sure but I’m just saying that I wish I had made a bigger impact on this site more than I have and that I will miss you guys, grazer, john shrekinson, code alpaca, deadly_smile, sup3r87, flying_fajita, JUSTPLAINOP, Pixel pizza, and so many more people, everybody who has spoken to me, made memes of my game, or even put my characters in there games or videos, and this site in general has changed me, so this is goodbye, never thought I’d be leaving, after almost what, 2 years? Just remember, I will always remember you guys and miss you, over these years I’ve loved seeing the updates, art, games, songs, and all of your other creations, of my characters or not, I will always love this site and all the people on it. This was the nicest, caring, helpful community I have ever seen in my whole life, and I will always miss you guys, untill the day I die, whenever that is, you guys will be missed by me. I just have one thing to ask for all of you, remember me, I will be active on discord, YouTube, and twitch, maybe not twitch or YouTube because my PC is broken but if you guys want the link to those, I’ll put them, I will be active every now and then but I won’t be doing coding for a while. I’ll miss all of you dearly, this site has been a chunk of my soul for a while, so have you guys but I’ll have to fill it in with something else for now, but I don’t think I will, I think it’s better to leave the hole to look back on, and maybe fill it back in by coming back, some holes show history, grief, happiness, and loved ones. So my last words are “stay noobin’!” I better see quotes xD but here’s the moment I’ve been dreading to see in my flowlabbing career, goodbye, for now maybe. Love all of you to the bottom of my heart. -Vaprzz


Bye, Vaprzz! I hope your PC gets fixed soon.


Bye, Vaprzz! Hope this won’t be the last time we’ll see each other; it was fun. Hopefully you get a new PC or get it fixed soon.


I might come back if grazer makes like a whole mobile support thing but I don’t think it’s possible, I also don’t have the heart to completely leave now thinking of it but I definitely won’t be coding anytime soon. So I might be on, I might not.


Goodbye Varpezz!

I hope you will be able to return some day on your PC.

Stay Noobin. Goodbye.