Goombas are getting stuck and will not move

someone told me in the forums that the mobs in my SMB1 Remake are getting stuck and will no longer move anymore. is there a way to fix this? if there is, please send me a screenshot. :slight_smile:

@Mariofan2840, could you leave a link to the game?

@Mariofan2840, I recommend to use raycasts instead of collisions.

Raycast1: set to Angle = 0 and Length = 16
Raycast2: set to Angle = 180 and Length =16
Timer: set to 2 with a Repeat of 1

@Mariofan2840, I 100% agree with JR 01 and that’s probably one of the best and simple ways to fix this problem but I’ve found that repeating delay in the collision behavior works also.