Grappeling Hook

Unfortunatley, no link for my game can be provided becasue of a weird flowlab error where only I can edit or view my games (Maybe discuss that in another forum), so this may be hard to understand. Forget that. It works now. Anyway, I have not tried it yet, and I want my character to be able to grapple hook on my 2d platformer. I would prefer screenshots of code posted bellow with some questions specifying how I would like it. This is something that would really help in a lot of 2d games and not just for me but for other people and would probably save me and a lot of other peopkle some heartach if it was solved. Without any questiones asked I am just going to state: the Player is 2x2 and I would like it so when in (Box; Rectangle) proximity of the grapple hook the player clicks the hook (Does an animation) and then “teleports” to the hook and attahes himself to it, and then is able to jump of it and unattcch himself to it. While he is attached to the hook, he will have a fixed animation and can oly jump off. that is how I would like it but if some of this must be either scrapped or edited because it is too complex so be it. if this is possible, that iss great, and when whoever posts bellow I will follow the code and plan step by step. This is the assets I think I will need for it, please notify me if I am wrong, need to add something else or ect… So the objects I think i would need are The Player and The Hook. here are a shout out to some people who may be able to help me @“JR 01” @Superstargames @seamothmaster45 @todorrobot @browngr

The game:

Oh @grazer I know, this is an old forum. That problem was fixed! Let me update that now!

@“The Kodex” - I think I explained this in another thread, but you are using a Student account, which means your teacher controls what is public and visible. It appears that your account is public again, but it is up to your teacher what is visible on the website and what is not.

This isn’t an error in Flowlab, it’s just the way School accounts work, sorry :frowning:

@todorrobot thabk you so much! Sorry I actually missed the notification of this and in basic terms yeah this should theorectically work. I’ll try to have this by tommorow, if not late, and see if ut worked!

the copy does not work either @“The Kodex” I am going to quit the team please re-invite me and see if that works

ok @“The Kodex” I quit the team please re-invite me

@seamothmaster45 Done!

still does not work! Not sure what is wrong here

@seamothmaster45 It’s like… None of my Games Exist…

I think I can create an example game showing how a grappling hook would work. This might take a while though since I am busy with other stuff.

Thanks @Superstargames

~Could you still post the link of the game for further investigation~

Now there is multiple ways I can think of to pull this off.
Since there is no rope or anchors in Flowlab, you would need to fully control the player in the grapple.
Unfortunately every way I think of are all complex ways to do the task.
I like to give the User more control over there own game, so I would prefer to see to closes attempt you had with the project before adding my own edits in the play.
(This goes for any discussion on “creating” something)

@“JR 01” I also walked into that problem which is why I suggested more of a Do animation then “teleport” to grapple hook kind of an idea.

Link to game, even though 80% sure it won’t work:

hmm, looks like web error or if one if the servers is down maybe?
Best attention for @grazer to see

Nope, game doesn’t work.
I might get started on the grappling hook example tomorrow BTW.

this is the second day that it hasn’t worked

@“The Kodex” I would probably approach this as a Destroy player (at the end of the getting on the rope anim) that sends a message to the rope and triggers the swing animation on the rope that features the player swinging. At the end of the swing anim it spawns the player at the landing site and you proceed as normal. The rope will need to be its own object (larger that 2x2) with multiple animations one with the player on it and one without (pitfall style?)

Not sure if this is exactly what youre looking for but I find the destroy/spawn combo to work pretty well (use extractors and equations for the landing point)