Gravity Behaviors

Ever since I made the `“Super Mario Bros: The Best Flowlab Edition,”`` I have been thinking of ways to expand it to a “Super Mario Galaxy” type. So the idea is what if there was a behavior for setting the gravity for only certain objects. The gravity could be set to a certain shape, size, and strength (in case two gravity pulls are touching.) For instance, I set a small planet (which would be a single object) for a circular gravity pull and a 15 strength, then create the Mario. Mario should successfully walk around (yes, I mean round) the planet and because the gravity is low, be able to jump out from the gravity pull. Just saying, it would be a great behavior for Flowlab, and if it ever did come out, you’d be seeing from me “Super Mario Galaxy” for sure! At least… once I’m finished with Super Mario Bros…

Help page > Useful examples

There should be an example about gravity somewhere.

grazer made that last year, it should definitely be in the help page somewhere.
Edit: Turns out it was the example image and right at the bottom labeled Super Mario gravity or something like that.

Holy cow! I didn’t know about this… Thank you Mhx Air and Latif3