Gravity for certain situations

Hey Grazer,
I have another quick question regarding gravity. I would like to know how to make gravity affect everything except for a projectile. The projectile shoots but falls to the ground. I want it to float, but the jumping to remain the same.
Many thanks

This is a good idea, I’ll try to think about a way to add this feature.

you can make the projectile have an always up behaviour so that it floats a little.

Yeah, I’ll need this for swimming in a future level. Until then, the water shoots you out so you don’t get stuck.

Thanks grazer and Mhx Air! I really want to swim in my game. (my game will come in the future i have not made it up yet)

Hey Guys,

As requested, there is now a check box in the physics section of the object panel that disables the gravity for a specific object only. It is labeled “affected by gravity”.

Sounds great. For people who want a swimming setup tutorial, just make “up down left and right” be switched to motors when with a collision with water