Grazer died

Too bad

o rlly
wheres your proof???

Yes it’s true, sorry guys. But now I’m zombie grazer - bigger and stronger.

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Atleast you can still work on Flowlab! :wink:



Now for a classic game of left 4 propane

Hold on… bigger and stronger eh? TAAANK!!!

whatever happened to “zombie grazer: bigger and stronger”?

I bet that the “Bigger and stronger zombie grazer” is now so strong he destroy a keyboard when he types on it… Which means the guy that writed he(grazer) was zombified and more strong lied… Which means he could have been a zombie, but not stronger… Which means it could have been grazer that writted that commment… Which means he lied… Which means he was honest…

Anyways, let’s just say he is a ghost, that will simplify all of my comment.

Now, does anyone have aspirin?

Its a dead topic

An old joke from 8 months ago. Why comment on it?

They like to gravedig i guess. Its ok though, because as far as we know, zombie grazer was still stuck in the casket, with nothing to do. Which is probably why he was releasing so many updates. Because
A- His laptop was buried with him
B- Hes ungodly bored right now
C- Hes hoping that his next of kin will realize that hes alive (sorta) and go dig them up

It’s a bit ironic to have a dead topic about death.

Watch and learn. As I comment for the first time in months my account has essentially been dead. I comment on a dead forum post about a dead guy. The joke of the dead guy is dead. Therefor a dead account comments on a dead post about a dead guy with a dead joke.

Then grazer comments and locks the thread, essentially making it dead dead dead.

The reason I made this topic is because grazer was offline for a few days. Suddenly this was the first thread he commented on when he came back.

I wish grazer always has time to work on flowlab :frowning:

Flowlab isn’t popular enough. He makes $50 a year per paying person. He would need about 1,000 users to be able to make flowlab a full time job, because $50k minus fees and taxes would be a good salary to pay for bills and family expenses. Unless he makes enough to quit his job, it’s a hobby.

This topic is deader than SB3s fan base, and that says A LOT

There isn’t anything lower than zero people so I can understand that

why is this even here?