Grazer Face Reveal?

Will @Grazer ever do a Face Reveal? Has he already? If he hasnt, Lets convince him to on this topic! Hi, I’m Baconcat008 and I have a question, Should Grazer do a Face Reveal?

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  • Yes Grazer, Do a Face Reveal!
  • No Grazer, Keep your face to yourself, ugh.
  • Baconcat008 he already has you big dumb.
  • Whos Grazer?

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Vote now and we might get a glimpse of whats under that Watermellon mask of Grazer’s.




i try to click the image and its an error XD

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same XD but i still think we shouldnt be messing around with identities again.

i always wanna see grazer as a melon cat :slight_smile: