Grazer, help, game progress deleted! This is the link, one of my friends accidently delete most of the code. Can you help??? :cry: :cry: :cry: Check in the “Console” object, keep going back until there are behaviour in it. :frowning:


Just adding a ping here.


@CodeAlpaca This is kind of urgent, should I use the priority support

Probably, grazer can restore your game to a previous version, using priority support would get his attention.

what do I put in “contact”

not sure, haven’t used it

I think you use your own email, like your contact information.

It’s basically sending him email (I think) so just explain the issue.

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uh oh, grazer still hasn’t answered. this is due on thursday :((((

try asking him on Discord if you can.

Oh no. That’s pretty bad. I say message @grazer directly on a mail or, as @BradenS said, use discord. I feel really bad that I can’t do anything for you @Flying_Fajita:frowning:


I messaged him. I hope he responds:((((

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@grazer seems to be busy at the moment. Hope he can restore you game before its too late :frowning:

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I know. He normally would’ve responded by now. This is quite the problem.

yeah, even priority support is 24 hours late…

He responded on discord

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What did he say? Can he revive the deleted progress?

nope, apparently it means you have to go back for the entire server, you cant pick out a single game

I guess because flowlab doesn’t have a lot of servers?

Well he can pick single guys, it’s just very hard and takes several hours, and even then there is a chance something might go wrong


Darn. That’s too bad.