@ grazer i got an idea that could help flowlabs platform!

Ok so @grazer i just had an idea recently every game creator on flowlab has started making multiplayer games because they are fun and you can play with your friends but im sure everyone encounters the same problem at least one of the time they try to make a multiplayer game.
1: when its a 1v1 game for example is hard for most people to understand how to get players to spawn and be coordinated to only one person!
2: my point is that you should make a behavior block that corresponds with the multiplayer max players and the spaw feature so when someone joins the game it would sent to that behavior and spawn on a certain location but that behavior should also say what type of object you spawn for everyone and to capitalize: ** I mean type of object** not a object

AND LAST THING can you make a tab inside of the games area of flowlab that is just for multiplayer games so we know which ones are which and we can click on either tab depending on what we wanna play!

SO what do yall think?

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I like the spawn idea a lot. this could also help for random generation and random spawn games.


@Cuts_ups hey you see what i mean :slight_smile:

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@grazer also i was just thinking about what i just said about the game list and umm can you ping more multiplayer games to the top of the list if you aren’t going to make a tab for multiplayer games because the only game that i can find that is multiplayer is yours unles i scroll down to page 60 mil

Well, you can do player check to find players, also have two spawn points controlled with clouds and globals. Another thing, there’s a sync behavior that works good for multiplayer animations.

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You can already do that, with randoms and clouds.

There’s a multiplayer manual on the website if you click “help and scroll down”.

There aren’t many multiplayer games out there on flowlab but if you want a few fun ones to play I can point the direction to a few.

what @BroBro2 means is a specific spawn. If you put a random for a 1v1, there is a chance that you could both spawn at the same location. so a specific spawn for each player will help a lot with that.

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@Cuts_ups yea exactly but at the same time if it was like 2v2 its hard to get 2 people of the same team to spawn as separate players and sometimes you can accidently spawn two people that you can control all i’m saying is that multiplayer behaviors should be worked on more and should not be used as complicated as they are

You can prevent that with clouds, filters, and switches.

They aren’t that complicated if you mess around with them for a bit, and there’s a manual for all of them, I read it and now I understand completely how to make multiplayer games.

that actually is possible… but the last idea @BroBro2 had will be helpful so at least that.

Yeah, I agree… A filter feature would be nice.
EX: you make a game and when you want to show it on the games list you just tag it with a max of per say 2 or 3 tags, so you can filter what you see on the games list.

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