Grazer Is Illuminati! /o\


How did you guys find out? I was so careful :frowning:

Well first of all

@Grazer, G-R-A-Z-E-R is six letters.
The name grazer has 2 of the letter “R”
6/2 is 3.
3, three rhymes with tree.
Trees have leaves, which are green.
Green has one R
The illuminati has one eye…
Not enough?
Grazers avatar is “red”
Red is the opposite of green.
Coincidence? I didn’t think so.
The illuminati is green too

Grazer is confirmed to be illuminati

xD jngthree IM DIEING!

Grazer starts with a G
Grapes also starts with a G
Grapes are fruit
Kiwis are also fruit
Kiwi has 2 of the letter I
I rhymes with sky
The sky is part of the Earth
The Earth is a planet
Planet rhymes with Janet
Janet is a name for a person
The illuminati is run by a person